Maryland Industrial Trucks is proud to support National Forklift Safety Day along with our forklift manufacturer UniCarriers Forklift. This year on June 11th, the material handling industry will be celebrating the 6th annual National Forklift Safety Day. Industry experts will be gathering on Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of forklift safety with lawmakers and government officials. All forklift manufacturers and their dealers nationwide utilize NFSD as an awareness tool for customers and a reminder that operator training is of upmost importance.

According to the Industrial Truck Association, seventy percent (70%) of all forklift accidents could be avoided with proper operator training and policies in place. National Forklift Safety Day is an excellent time to pause a confirm that all proper safety measures are in place at your place of business. 

From safety checklists to OSHA required operator safety training, NFSD is the ideal time to reduce the likelihood of a forklift accident at your company’s facility. OSHA also requires operators to get re-certified every three years and many times the re-certification if a forgotten item on the safety “to-do” list.

Every year eleven percent (11%) of all forklifts are involved in an accident resulting in nearly a hundred-thousand injured workers. As part of UniCarriers offerings, for a limited time the company is offering free safety inspections and other specials to help promote forklift safety and help reduce accidents and injuries. 

So whether you help build, operate or maintain a forklift, pledge along with Maryland Industrial Trucks to promote forklift safety this National Forklift Safety Day and every day!