asphalt equipment

Asphalt Equipment

Maryland Industrial Trucks is a proud distributor of pavement preservation equipment. We offer the best brands in the business - Cimline Asphalt Equipment and HD Industries – to municipalities, contracting companies, institutions and agencies for road repair and maintenance on both concrete and asphalt pavements.

Pavement preservation equipment and maintenance saves cities and municipalities money by helping prevent road deterioration. Normally the condition of an untreated road drops by almost half after 15 years. Once an untreated road has hit 20 years, it has entered the “crisis stage” where preventative measures are no longer an option. At this point, expensive, long-term road rehabilitation is required. Pavement preservation is the most efficient and cost-effective way to preserve roads. When done correctly, pavement preservation can almost double a road’s life while significantly reducing the amount of repair costs.

To get the most out of your pavement preservation budget, Maryland Industrial Trucks presents affordable, high quality options of equipment to ensure long-lasting, reliable roads. Our wide range of products can cover all of your preservation needs through the most well-known pavement preservation brands in the industry.

For more information on our equipment brands, select the brand provided.

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