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Elgin Street Sweeper

Maryland Industrial Trucks knows how important clean streets and roadways are to a community. That’s why we offer Elgin street sweepers. Elgin recognizes the significance of an unpolluted, nourishing environment and manufactures tough, effective machines to deliver that precise result. Elgin street sweepers can be used for general street maintenance or special industrial and airport applications. Manufactured to meet almost any demand, Elgin street sweepers increase the overall quality of life with an unsurpassed excellence in performance.

Maryland Industrial Trucks provides Elgin broom sweepers, air sweepers, specialty sweepers, waterless dust control sweepers and alternative fuel sweepers. Broom sweepers, also known as mechanical sweepers, use a main broom to pick up debris that is sent on a conveyor to land in a debris body. While the broom is picking up debris, the road surface is being simultaneously scrubbed. Elgin offers five broom sweeper models.

Elgin’s air sweepers act much like a vacuum cleaner. By using regenerative air technology or vacuum sweeper technology, debris is sucked off the ground through a large nozzle straight into the debris body for a fast, effective clean. Elgin offers six air sweeper models.

Specialty sweepers are necessary for unique cleanups. They are used for picking up glycol, fine particles and the specific needs of airport sweeping such as airport foreign object debris (FOD). Elgin offers three specialty air sweepers.

Recognizing the importance of water conservation or the need to sweep year round regardless of weather, Elgin provides waterless dust control street sweepers in two models. Each model is able to pick up debris of all sizes without the use of water.

Along with water conversation, Elgin contributes to environmental conservation by producing alternative fuel street sweepers. Their systems can run on liquid natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), or liquid propane gas (LPG). Elgin produces two alternative fuel sweeper models.

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