Dex Warehouse Standing Platform Cart

Amigo Material Handling Carts

Maryland Industrial Trucks is teaming up with Amigo Mobility International to bring the DEX line of products to our customers.

Manual material handling workers walk miles on concrete every day. Combined with constant stretching, reaching and lifting, this causes fatigue, leading to lost productivity as well as being the single largest source of claims and costs to worker’s compensation, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Amigo’s innovative DEX line of products is designed to combat these issues in a budget-friendly manner, increasing warehouse productivity by as much as 60 percent. There’s no formal training or certification required to operate DEX products – they are easy to use and narrow aisle friendly. With a 24-volt battery that lasts for 8-hours, 30+ miles, your DEX will work all day.

Consisting of the DEX Pro Riding Platform Cart, MAX Pro Powered Platform Truck and DEX Powered Personnel Mover, there is something for everyone here. For more information on Amigo material handling carts, contact us today.

amigo dex pro

DEX Pro Riding Platform Cart

Comes with a sturdy towing deck capable of carrying up to 750 pounds, while the riding platform gives employees relief from walking and helps them reach their destination quickly.

amigo max pro

MAX Pro Powered Platform Truck

Able to move up to 1,100 pounds, the motorized platform allows for quick transportation of materials while reducing strain and fatigue on the worker.

amigo dex

DEX Powered Personnel Mover

A budget friendly alternative to leading personal transportation devices, DEX is on average half the cost. Comes with a small items storage bin and has a hitch option available with a tow capacity of 750 pounds.

amigo max

The MAX Powered Tugger Cart

(Coming Soon) A small cart made to pull big things. Has a 1,000 pounds towing capacity and versatile hitch system.

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