xtreme vac leaf collector

Xtreme Vac Leaf Collectors

Maryland Industrial Trucks knows that leaf and trash maintenance is a concern for communities. As the most powerful debris collector on the market, Xtreme Vac machinery collects leaves, trash, plastic bottles and much more. The number one choice for professional landscapers and municipalities, Xtreme Vac’s extensive line of debris collectors is powerful, efficient and effective for virtually any debris collecting application.

Xtreme Vac’s self-contained models include DCL8027 (27HP gasoline), DCL8031 (24HP diesel), DCL800SM-3X/SCL65SM-3X (87HP gasoline) and DCL800TM/SCL65TM (87HP gasoline).

Models include intake hoses, ranging from 12 to 16 inches, and impellers, ranging from 20 to 38 inches in diameter, of various sizes to meet your business’ specific collecting needs.

Xtreme Vac’s self-contained model, the DCL800SM-3X/SCL65SM-3X, is designed with a 74HP four-cycle diesel engine that is truck mounted and provides optional in-cab controls. With the DCL800SM-3X/SCL65SM-3X, your business can easily collect leaves efficiently with a one-man operation.

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