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Every Day Is Forklift Safety Day At MIT

Maryland Industrial Trucks is proud to support National Forklift Safety Day along with our forklift manufacturer UniCarriers Forklift. This year on June 11th, the material handling industry will be celebrating the 6th annual National Forklift Safety Day. Industry experts will be gathering on Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of forklift safety with lawmakers and government officials. All forklift manufacturers and their dealers nationwide utilize NFSD as an awareness tool for customers and a reminder that operator training is of upmost importance.

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National Forklift Safety Day Promotes Awareness and Training


Some of those videos on the Internet involving forklift accidents will leave you with your mouth wide open or laughing. But forklift safety – and the statistics surrounding forklift accidents and deaths – are not funny. That’s why every year the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) sponsors National Forklift Safety Day to raise awareness and promote forklift safety. This year the event is on June 12th and Maryland Industrial Trucks is a proud supporter.

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Asphalt Preservation Is The Key To Maximized Road Life

Poor conditions of untreated asphalt roads can lead to a drop in half the value after fifteen years. Protect your community’s investment with proper care. Pavement preservation is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to preserve roads and can save municipalities and cities money.

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Protect Municipal and Residential Infrastructure with Vactor Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Vacate and inspect sewer lines with industry leading Vactor Manufacturing® sewer cleaning equipment available at Maryland Industrial Trucks. As sewer systems age, the risk increases for blockage, deterioration and even collapse. That’s exactly why we carry proven equipment from Vactor Manufacturing®. The company has been designing and manufacturing leading equipment for over 50 years to clean and maintain sewer lines, storm sewers and catch basins for many communities that rely on them for clean water. At Maryland Industrial Trucks, we carry combination sewer cleaners, jetters and excavating equipment.

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Maryland Industrial Truck Supports National Forklift Safety Day

Maryland Industrial Truck celebrates the fourth annual National Forklift Safety Day this Tuesday, June 13, in Washington, D.C., along with other manufacturers and industrial companies using material handling equipment. Sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), this event will educate customers, government officials and policymakers about the importance of proper operator training and the safe use of forklifts. Local events will take place all over the nation to celebrate as well.

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Collaboration Nation

Elgin Street Sweepers and Autocar have come together to provide the very first single-engine, cab-over mechanical sweeper in the industry!

Maryland Industrial Trucks is proud to provide the all new cab-over chassis option for the Elgin Broom Bear. Providing best-in-class in-cab visibility and a tighter turning radius than any other model. This chassis package for the Elgin Broom Bear can handle everything from light street maintenance to heavy-duty construction debris sweeping.

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Refuse & Debris Solutions

Maryland Industrial Trucks distinguishes the significance of city maintenance and refuse collection. That is why we are happy to offer refuse and debris collection systems that are opportune and fruitful such as Ampliroll Hooklift Systems, Galfab, New Way Refuse Equipment and Xtreme Vac Leaf Collectors.

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UniCarriers Operationally Efficient Platinum II Lift Trucks

UniCarriers Platinum II PF50DF and PF60DF Dual Fuel lift trucks offer features that improve operational efficiency, damage prevention and uptime. Designed as a perfect solution for operations that require exceptional fuel efficiency, improved runtimes and lasting value Platinum II forklifts from UniCarriers offers this and more.

Platinum II lift trucks offer lights and mirrors set inside the heavy duty five-piece overhead guard with steel rub rails to protect from any damage that may occur. Fitted with an extended canopy that provides operators additional protection as well as a surface to mount electronic accessories and center mirror. Platinum II truck packages also include a hang-on side shifter, LED headlight and rear combination lights.

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