National Forklift Safety Day Promotes Awareness and Training


Some of those videos on the Internet involving forklift accidents will leave you with your mouth wide open or laughing. But forklift safety – and the statistics surrounding forklift accidents and deaths – are not funny. That’s why every year the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) sponsors National Forklift Safety Day to raise awareness and promote forklift safety. This year the event is on June 12th and Maryland Industrial Trucks is a proud supporter.

Know The Law

OSHA mandates that every forklift operator receive approved training. Nobody under the age of 18 (in a non-agricultural setting) may operate a forklift. Only trained and authorized individuals can legally operate forklifts.


Safety Is Everybody’s Job

Besides having the appropriate (and required) training, there are steps that each of us can take to make sure that everybody goes home after their shift is over. If you work in an area that has forklift traffic or you manage an area with forklift traffic, there are steps you can take to promote safety:



  • Create designated and well-lit walkways
  • Restrict those who have access to forklift areas to only necessary people
  • Make sure you know and follow OSHA’s rules for re-training of forklift operators when a situation warrants



  • Maintain a safe distance between you and any equipment
  • Stay alert and vigilant especially when approaching blind corners, doorways and narrow aisles
  • Make eye contact with the forklift driver
  • Never move around in an area with active equipment when you are distracted by your phone or anything else


OSHA-mandated operator training saves lives and prevents accidents. Maryland Industrial Trucks believes in safety and offers several OSHA-compliant training courses. To enroll, contact a Maryland Industrial Truck representative for more information.

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Saturday, 31 July 2021

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