HD Industries Pothole Patcher

Maryland Industrial Trucks is pleased to provide H.D. Industries’ Pro-Patch pothole patcher. Try saying that three times fast! The name may be a little tricky, but H.D. Industries definitely means business.

H.D. Industries offers four truck-mounted heat transfer oil system models, six truck mounted dry radiant heat system models, four trailer-mounted unit models, dump body units, and seven all-electric unit models. All machines are efficient and offer cost-effective solutions to clients. The Pro-Patch provides everything necessary for a one or two-man crew to repair asphalt effectively all while eliminating air compressors, oil distributors, and dump trucks. It also reduces manpower, equipment maintenance, and minimizes the equipment used in high traffic areas. The Pro-Patch pothole patcher’s innovative design keeps asphalt material and road oils at controlled, heated temperatures. H.D. Industries guarantees cost reduction and increase in efficiency to clients.

For more information on the H.D. Industries product line, contact us today.

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