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Elgin Street Sweepers and Autocar have come together to provide the very first single-engine, cab-over mechanical sweeper in the industry!

Maryland Industrial Trucks is proud to provide the all new cab-over chassis option for the Elgin Broom Bear. Providing best-in-class in-cab visibility and a tighter turning radius than any other model. This chassis package for the Elgin Broom Bear can handle everything from light street maintenance to heavy-duty construction debris sweeping.

New Broom Bear Chassis Option

The Elgin Broom Bear four-wheel mechanical broom sweepers are rugged and made to last. The new chassis option features an Allison 3500 transmission, a two-speed rear axle, and a 136-inch wheelbase equipped with a Cummins ISL 9 diesel engine rated at 260 hp @ 2200 RPM with 720 ft-lb of torque.

Built to accommodate the optional 5.4 cubic yard hoppers without increasing the sweeper's wheelbase the Elgin Broom Bear's new chassis option allows for increased capacity of sweeping debris without sacrificing maneuverability. Perfect for sweeping those tight cul-de-sacs! The factory dual steer systems are optimized with operator ergonomics in mind.

The Elgin Broom Bear is especially suited for heavy sweeping of such granular materials as millings and gravel. The picked-up debris is sent on a conveyor from the main broom pickup to land in a debris body. The broom simultaneously picks debris up all while scrubbing the road clean, saving you time and money.

The single engine design keeps maintenance and replacement of sweeper parts to a minimum. Simple sweeper controls make it easy to operate with its highway speeds and short wheelbase, the Broom Bear is suited for both congested urban areas and remote rural locations.

More from Elgin

Maryland Industrial Trucks knows how vital clean streets and roadways are to a community. That’s why we offer Elgin street sweepers. They identify the importance of a clean, healthy environment and manufacture durable, efficient machines to provide that exact result. Intended to meet almost any need, Elgin street sweepers improve the overall quality of life with an unmatched brilliance in performance.

Maryland Industrial Trucks offers Elgin broom sweepers, air sweepers, specialty sweepers, waterless dust control sweepers and alternative fuel sweepers. Elgin’s air sweepers act much like a vacuum cleaner. By operating regenerative air technology or vacuum sweeper technology, debris is extracted from the ground through a large nozzle straight into the debris body for a fast, efficient clean.

Elgin recognizes the importance of water conservation or the need to sweep year-round regardless of the weather, Elgin provides waterless dust control street sweepers in two models. Each model can pick up the debris of all sizes without the use of water.

Along with water conservation, Elgin contributes to environmental conservation by manufacturing alternative fuel street sweepers. Their systems can run on liquid natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), or liquid propane gas (LPG). Elgin produces two alternative fuel sweeper models.

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If you're interested in environmentally friendly technology, or just want to know more information on the Elgin product line, contact Maryland Industrial Trucks Inc. today! Feel free to like and follow Maryland Industrial Trucks, Inc. on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest and greatest street cleaning technology.

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