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Midland Machinery Road Wideners

Maryland Industrial Trucks is honored to be a local dealership for Midland Machinery as our machinery company when it comes to street wideners. For 45 years, Midland Machinery has manufactured over 1,000 units of road wideners. Midland Machinery’s experience and knowledge produces road maintenance equipment that is reliable, durable, and designed to satisfy all of your business’ needs.

Midland Machinery’s long-lasting and innovative designs include road widening, lane paving and base laying machines along with shoulder paving and maintenance equipment. Trench and drain filling equipment along with bike lane construction equipment are also specialties of Midland Machinery.

An internationally known company, Midland Machinery offers 6 different road widener models proven to be innovative, productive and efficient. Optional widener equipment such as a variable width hydraulic extension blade section, washdown system, trench fill box, and much more is also available to customize your road widener to your specific needs. Midland Machinery provides the right size machine whether your business is a public agency or a private contractor. Along with machines, Midland Machinery also builds self-propelled unit attachments to produce maximum results in sufficient time.

For more information about the first-class road construction equipment Midland Machinery has to offer, contact us today.

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