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Heli Forklifts

Maryland Industrial Trucks is proud to provide Heli, a manufacturer of material handling equipment since 1958. For businesses that prefer a simple, high-quality design when it comes to their forklifts, Heli is a perfect choice. From their headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, Heli’s equipment brings material handling back to the basics with a strong, rugged design that doesn’t include the complexity and hassle of technology and its expensive repair costs. All equipment is easy to use, cost efficient and requires little to no maintenance.

With a design made to endure without any technological complication it makes sense why Heli is one of the top 10 largest worldwide manufacturers of forklifts today. Heli offers 8 pneumatic tired models, two models of stackers, cushion tired forklifts and electric pallet trucks. Heli’s products range from 2,000 to 40,000 lbs. capacity and are diesel, dual fuel or LPG powered. Heli is also stocked with over 35000 lines of Heli parts.

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